Interview with Rui Kanno 2020

We spoke with Professor. Rui Kanno, who is currently holding a solo exhibition!


-This is your first solo exhibition in two years.

I have reviewed what I have continued to do without thinking deeply about it, and conversely, what I have not done, and I have become more efficient in my work by making choices.


-What is the theme of this exhibition?
Expression of light and atmosphere.
I don’t always have a theme, but I wanted to paint what I wanted to paint, and this time, many of them happened to be based on the theme of “expression of light and atmosphere.
For example, in “Stream of Dreaming” and “Parable,” the way of depicting “light” is a little different from the past.
Although the light that seems to shine through has been depicted in his previous works, this is the first time he has depicted light in a spot-like manner.


たとえ話 SM - コピー
The Parables SM

夢想の流れ M15 - コピー

Stream of Dreaming” M15

-Is the production still done on site?

Yes, I do.

I try to keep the colors as close as possible to what I actually see with my eyes. I make the colors by putting oil paint on a painting knife and holding it up to the object, testing to see if the colors are close.

After I have finished most of the painting, I take it home.
→I then take most of the painting home and paint in the details (leaves, etc.) and the parts I want to color in to express a mental image.



The Sun is Falling” P10



-Which of the works in this exhibition would you like us to see the most?
All of them.
I would like to let the viewers decide which one is the best.
We are always interested to know which piece everyone liked the best.
The opinions of all our customers, not just those who have purchased our films, are very helpful to us, so we would like you to tell us which film you liked best.


-Are there any new challenges you would like to take on in the future?
I would like to find new challenges with the theme of “going back to the basics.


I recently visited an exhibition of academic European paintings, and was overwhelmed by the feeling that the entire world of the venue seemed to switch from reality when I was confronted with the works gathered in one place.
In comparison, I was overwhelmed by the feeling that the entire world of the exhibition was transformed into a reality.
This is the result of my pursuit of my own personality and newness, as well as my imitation of classical paintings, but I thought through the exhibition that I needed to rethink this.
It has also been 10 years since I entered a vocational school and resumed oil painting.
I thought it would be a good opportunity to look back on myself as a milestone.


-Lastly, please give a message to the people who will see your exhibition.
I have prepared about 10 landscape paintings.
I am always interested to know which one you liked the best.
We would like you to tell us which piece you liked the best, because the opinions of all our customers, not just those who have purchased a piece, are very helpful to us.
We hope that we can connect with and feel each of your mental images in your mind.

I look forward to seeing your future works.

Thank you, Professor. Kanno!
The exhibition will be open until February 11㈫.

Please come and see it!

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