Interview with Mitsuru Koga, 2021.

We spoke with Mitsuru Koga, whose solo exhibition will open on July 9!

■Filter of Existence

The theme of this solo exhibition is “filter of existence”.

When we perceive things, we are under the illusion that we are constantly getting the latest information. Since we are perceiving matter existing in the same space, we are less likely to suspect that a state of matter sharing the same time is a different state of matter from other states of matter.


In fact, however, when you perceive another being, there is a temporal difference between the two, although you cannot feel it because the difference is very small. In other words, the object in front of you that you are perceiving right now is information from a little bit in the past of that object. And the latest information is available only to the object itself.


For example, there is the Chladni figure. In this case, the latest information about the sound is of course provided by the sound source. In this case, of course, the sound source has the most up-to-date information about the sound. In other words, when a person perceives a circle-like shape, the sound source is already emitting vibrations that form a rhombus.


Being (itself) always replaces the past information of other beings with the present state by perceiving it, as if the objects exist on the same time axis.

Being is covered by layers of filters to get the latest information about itself above all else, including itself perceived from others.

I want to know what kind of up-to-date information the object in front of me has.


■Filter of Existence” Expression as a work of art
Filter of Existence (s3. Memo of Eye Structure)”S3 I think the meaning of the filter of existence is most easily understood in this work. We cannot see the back of this taped memo, and we do not even know if there is something or nothing. When we perceive an object, we are always in this situation about the existence of the object itself.

■Difference in expression between the counterparts “Filter of Existence” and “Filter of Memory” and the stand-alone “Filter of Existence”.
Filter of Existence” SSM *Previous work
The Filter of Memory” SSM *Previous work


This time, I used the word “filter of existence”, but the content is more about a series of steps from perception to output, rather than the separate idea of a “filter of memory” and a “filter of existence”. When I wanted to express the filter of existence more densely, I thought it was necessary to go through this process once.


■Interest motifs.

Basically, I choose motifs that interest me as objects at the time. In other words, I draw what I want to draw when I want to draw it. Then I apply the theme of the time. Or vice versa.

In my case, interest has that potential in all subjects.

When you delve into the “origin” of various events, you will discover the charm of the subject that you had never noticed before.

In that sense, what was uninteresting can turn into an interest, and sometimes you can develop a deeper interest in a subject that you are interested in.


■What is Mitsuru Koga’s idea of “space”?

I’ve had a once tangible goal about space for a few years now. That is “space is everything else”. The concept of space for me never changes in any form of expression.

I keep asking about existence, which is the opposite of “space” at the moment. The filter of existence, the filter of memory, the front of things, life, contour lines, are all part of the question for existence. As I think about existence, I am rediscovering that space is something more distant and deeper. I’m not even sure what that distance is because I feel that it might actually be closer and shallower.

If one day I get a clear answer about existence, I will understand that space is simply the opposite of what I have been doing. The expression of space that I want to question can be interpreted as the complete opposite of my visible work.


■from now on

Basically, I want to continue to subdivide, concretize, and question the big themes that I have now in the plane.

Thank you, Dr. Koga! The solo exhibition will be held from July 9 (Fri) to 18 (Sun). Please take this opportunity to visit the exhibition.

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Mitsuru Koga Solo Exhibition -Filter of Existence-” (Japanese only)
Friday, July 9 – Sunday, July 18
venue:Gallery Seek
Writers:Mitsuru Koga

Mitsuru Koga uses pencil drawings to express space, air, time, distance, and other things that cannot be seen by humans. The theme of this solo exhibition is “Filter of Existence”. All the things we perceive are covered with layers of filters. These filters allow us to perceive only the past information of the objects. The object exists in front of us through our perception by predicting and constructing the latest information based on the past information we have collected in this way. Please come and see the works created by the artist’s inquisitiveness to know what kind of latest information the object in front of you has.


Mitsuru Koga

Mitsuru Koga

I always have the same theme at the bottom of my heart. It is to express what people cannot see and cannot express, such as space, air, time, and distance. I always try to depict the colorless transparency that exists between the eye and the object, rather than using objects as a medium for unrealistic expression.