Soutome Kaori Japan Fine Arts Exhibition

Event Outline

Gallery Seek Ginza
Kaori Soutome
Date of Artist Visits
August 27 (Sat.) & 28 (Sun.) 13:00-17:00 each day

Her work, which incorporates seasonal plants into a single piece of art, is a work that only Mayume, who grew up surrounded by many plants and flowers since her childhood, could have created. Although it tends to be unnatural to depict a world that cannot exist in reality, she has captured the natural appearance of the flowers and plants and harmonized them. She uses the characteristics of each paint and expresses them in a fresh manner with her excellent technique backed up by classical techniques, spreading her nerves to every corner, and giving a pleasant tension and freshness to the viewers. The fact that she uses a variety of vivid colors without losing the balance and creating a wonderful harmony of colors is a unique aspect of her sense of color. This is a completely new work drawn especially for this exhibition. Please come and see it.