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Kenta Nakajima Oil Painting Exhibition

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Fukuya Hatchobori Main Store, 7F Art Gallery
Kenta Nakajima

He made his professional debut in his third year of college, and has produced over 500 works to date, all of which have sold out.

His delicate and sophisticated technique and warm style with a human touch are highly regarded as unique and one-of-a-kind.

He has been featured on television as a “sold-out painter” and his works have been talked about by “Jakucho Setouchi,” “Becky,” and “Yua Shinkawa,” among others.

In addition, his Twitter postings with the hashtag “To live as a #painter” have been a hit, and an article about his conversation with a popular manga artist received 7,000 retweets.

He has appeared on TV Tokyo’s “Hinne 3”, TBS “Masahiro Nakai’s Friday Smile Tatsu”, “NEWS 23”, TV Asahi’s “White Art Museum”, J-Wave’s “STEP ONE”, etc.

He also created the program poster for TBS morning information program “Good Luck! and also appears as a commentator on Thursdays. In 2021, he appeared on the long-running TV show “Tetsuko’s Room” and painted a portrait of Tetsuko Kuroyanagi.

He writes a series of articles on his cat Mucha in “Figaro Japon”. He has also launched the public exhibition ARTIST NEW GATE, and is making efforts not only in production but also in activities to make art more familiar to the public.