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Event Outline

Fujisaki Department Store, Main Bldg. 7F, Event Hall
Masaaki Hikida
Date of Artist Visits
Saturday, September 3 and Sunday, September 4, 13:00-17:00 each day

We will exhibit our works at FUJISAKI ART COLLECTION held at Fujisaki department store in Sendai, as a special feature of HIKIDA Masaaki.


Introduction of HIKIDA Masaaki


HIKITA Masaaki’s cats are free, elusive, and innocent, and I feel a kind of longing for them as a kind of opposite existence that I do not have.

Deformed and characterised cats have appeared in the art market, but this work is a work that approaches the charm of cats and has a dignified wildness that is not lost.

Cats have been drawn by many masters such as Tsuguharu Fujita, Shunso Hishida, Leonardo da Vinci, etc. Among them, I feel that Masaaki Hikita’s cats have a peculiar charm.

In contrast, the female figure is depicted with a certain distance and without seeking too much texture. In many cases, the female figure works of realistic paintings may look gravitating if the balance is wrong.

In this context, Hikita’s sense of distance is not too dependent on a specific model, but has a sense of gesture, atmosphere, and symbolism that makes it an exquisite work of art.