Interview with Kazuyuki Sudo 2021

We talked to Sudo Sensei, whose solo exhibition will be held at Abeno Harukas from August 18!

■Concept of the work

In Gunma Prefecture where I was born and grew up, a strong wind called “Akagi wind” blows. Animals and plants living with the wind showed me not only their strength but also their flexibility and tenacity. I grew up in the wind with nature, which was swaying and trying to catch the light. I wanted to depict the comfort of the wind in the landscapes I saw in my various encounters with nature.


■”With the wind and light of my heart.”
Ibuki in SpringF4
I have been painting on the theme of wind. This time, I added sunlight to the theme and painted a new work. The form of nature, nurtured by wind and light and growing even in severe conditions, is a beautiful breath of nature itself, and makes me question the preciousness of the life given to me. From the budding of buds to the sowing of seeds, from morning to evening, I have painted the breath of nature, large and small, found in the course of the seasons.

Moving to Gunma Prefecture, where I was born and raised, has given me more opportunities than ever to get close to wild nature such as forests and springs. While covering such places, I was fascinated by the pure life force of the young trees and buds growing in the forest, illuminated by the light shining through the gaps between the large trees. This is what made me decide to use light as my theme.

I have always painted light as a phenomenon, but having witnessed the mystery of life growing with light, I became interested in learning more about light.

I want to express light not as a mere phenomenon, but as something that illuminates the growth and life of living things, as if it were mysterious. I try to eliminate unnecessary elements and increase the amount of blank space for the background, and I search for a balance that allows the main subject to shine through.


■About the New Works
“The Gold Wind Gleams.”F30

In my new work, I depicted the breath of nature that I felt newly. 30, “Golden Wind Gleaming” depicts the autumn leaves growing in the gorge. I was moved by the sight of the leaves growing and living despite the harsh winds.

“The Cherry Blossom Trail.”P10
“The Fountain of Light.”P10
“Light in the sky.”P10

In No. 10, “Cherry Blossom Road,” “A Fountain of Light,” and “Light in the Sky,” I depicted a quiet tree-lined street. I felt that the pleasant breeze blowing through and the warmth of the trees, as if they were filled with light, showed passersby the hope that awaited them ahead.


■The breath of nature in gradation
Morning Light.P8

In each piece, I use iwa-enogu (mineral pigments) and suihai-enogu (dry pigments) to create color gradations that reproduce the beauty of nature. The smooth gradation is one of my specialties. I believe that with this gradation, I can express the changes in the colors of sunlight and natural objects, the changing seasons, and even the scent of the wind and its afterglow.


■What would you like to say to those who come to Abeno Harukas?

This will be my second solo exhibition at Abeno Harukas. Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to show my new works in this wonderful venue.

I hope you can feel the breath of life in the co-starring of wind and light that flows through each of my works. I hope that each person who sees my work will feel a new wind blowing in their face.

Thank you, Mr. Sudo!
The solo exhibition will be held from Wednesday, August 18 to Tuesday, August 24.
Please take this opportunity to view the exhibition.

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Kazuyuki Sudo Japanese Painting Exhibition
Wednesday, August 18 – Tuesday, August 24
venue:Abeno Harukas Kintetsu Main Store, 11th floor, Art Gallery
exhibiting artistKazuyuki Sudo
Artist Visits: Saturday, August 21 and Sunday, August 22, 13:00 – 17:00 each day

Kazuyuki Sudo was born and raised in Maebashi city, Gunma prefecture, where strong and cold wind called “Akagi wind” blows. He has been fascinated by the strength, flexibility, and tenacity of the animals and plants that live with the wind, and has been painting on the theme of the wind. In this solo exhibition, he will introduce a number of new paintings on a new theme, with an awareness of daylight. The forms of nature, nurtured by wind and light and growing even in a harsh environment, all seem to become a beautiful breath of air that questions us about the preciousness of the life we have been given. In our ordinary lives, in the seasons that we take for granted, there is a breath of life that is woven together by small plants and animals and the larger nature. Please come and see Kazuyuki Sudo’s works that remind us of such important things.



Kazuyuki Sutoh

Kazuyuki Sutoh

It depicts the breath of life, interwoven with small animals and plants living in the wind and the big nature. I hope it will spread your imagination as fresh and clean as the latter. Kazuyuki Sudo HP