Chizuru Abe, interview 2021.

We spoke with Chizuru Abe, whose solo exhibition opens on May 14!

What is the theme of this exhibition?

I started painting flowers when I saw an English garden for the first time and was moved by the sight of colorful flowers swaying in the wind as if blending into the nature. I depict flowers and a little girl by overlapping that refreshing feeling of comfort with my childhood memories and the days I spent with my small child. I named the title of my solo exhibition “Hanamakimaki” from the way the girl seems to be wearing flowers.

Tell us about your production process.
(1) I did a preliminary drawing and transferred it to a screen with a primer.

 The primed screen is made of Kochi hemp paper stretched over wooden panels with water.


Divide it into parts and paint them with rock paints.
 A lighter color is placed on top and sanded or washed.


If the transfer has disappeared, it will be transferred again.
Production process 3

Paint the back and draw in the details. Sprinkle sandako and it is completed.

Production process 4


Could you tell us about the new works in this exhibition, what you are particular about and what you feel about them?

阿部千鶴 花ごごろ 10F
F10 “Hanagokoro

A woman standing amongst bright flowers.

I depicted a sunny feeling without anxiety.


F10 “Clear in the Blue”

I painted Amabie in the hope that she will be able to return to a peaceful life as soon as possible.

Wishing for peace in the sea, he plays with fish with a peaceful expression on his face.


15㎝×15㎝ “Dandelion Girl

I drew a girl with a dainty image like a dandelion fairy.


15㎝×15㎝”Daughter of Waters.”

I drew a girl with a fluffy image like cotton.


F4″A flower crown.”

I drew a happy girl wearing a flower crown.

It expresses the pure feelings of a sparkling girl.

Garden F50(600)


A woman sleeping among flowers. I drew a happy scene like in her dream.

The work expresses a world surrounded by gorgeous colors, with a focus on color.

今In your last two solo exhibitions, you combined a girl and flowers in your works.

I choose flowers according to the image I want to express. First I choose the shape, and then I change the color according to the image. I choose the flowers and the girl first, but I try to create the atmosphere at the same time. I don’t mind using imaginary flowers as long as they express the atmosphere I want to portray. It’s like an imaginary painting.

You have been drawing girls with your daughter as a model for a long time. As your daughter grew up, did anything change in your drawing of girls? Please tell us about your drawing style and any specialties you have.

I usually ask my daughter to pose for me to draw, but I try not to draw girls that look too much like her. If possible, I try to create a figure that has no individuality and that anyone can relate to.

I tend to draw girls who match my daughter’s age, but recently my daughter has grown up and I hope to draw her as a woman rather than a girl.

Thank you, Chizuru Abe! The solo exhibition will be held from Friday, May 14 to Sunday, May 23. Please take this opportunity to visit the exhibition.

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Chizuru Abe Japanese Painting Exhibition “Hanamakure
Friday, May 14 – Sunday, May 23
venue:Gallery Seek
Writers:Abe Chizuru

Chizuru Abe completed her studies at Tokyo University of the Arts and is currently active in the Sogakkai. Her motifs are girls and animals, but the landscape that surrounds them reminds us of a scene from a tender memory. This will be her first solo exhibition at Gallery Seek in two years. Please take this opportunity to view her works.