Mitsuru Koga interview 2020.


We spoke with Mitsuru Koga, whose solo exhibition opens today!




What is the theme of this exhibition?


On Space and Existence.
One solution for that question is Life and Existence.




4This is your first solo exhibition in two years.


The theme of space and being is10It hasn’t changed for about a year now, but I’ve been thinking about this theme from many different angles.


It’s not a solution, but I think it’s becoming more dense.


At first, the theme of “space” was a simple one of nothingness, but later I explored space from the perspective of time and existence, and I questioned about subjectivity and objectivity, life, and other everyday occurrences, which eventually led me to the larger theme of “What is space? I am trying to connect this to the big theme of “What is space?



Did your work change??


I think I can now project what I want to express onto the screen more honestly, without making up a false impression.




Why is that?


I used to have the feeling, not a little, that the work had to be appreciated as a painting.


But as I continued to think about space, I think it changed into an art form with a theme.


This time, I am trying a new way of showing two pieces dealing with a single theme. For example, “Orientalism of Life”.

People have been universally taught in education that all life is equal.


But in essence, if there is a beautiful flower, we cut it off and take it home, and pests are easily exterminated. It is clear that we are giving superiority to life, and this fact will probably never be shaken, even if we try to point it out.


But I’m not denying this reality, do you feel that the creatures you see casually on a daily basis are potentially equal?


By putting these creatures on the scale, I am once again thinking about what life is.
Orientalism of Life IIS20

Orientalism of Life IS20


Where do you get inspiration for your work?

You can get hints from everyday life, for example, TV, walking around, and so on.

I don’t think of it as inspiration for a work of art, but rather as a picture that I make a note of in order to solve a question. The work in this exhibition, “Small Things,” was also inspired by such everyday hints, and I am thinking about human visual perception.

Suppose some object exists at some remote point, the object looks like a black dot without visually knowing what it is yet. If we approach it little by little, we find that it looks like an insect, and as a result, we recognize it as a living thing. Next, I try to approach it from a distant point with the recognition that there is a creature beforehand. But when you approach it, it is just a screw. In other words, you correct your perception that it is an object. It might be interesting if you look at the work while approaching and moving away from it.

小さいもの (Ⅱ)
The little one. (Ⅱ)」S3



The little ones.S3
It might be interesting to see it while moving closer or further away.


Which of the works in this exhibition would you like people to see the most? </p

All of them are fascinating, so I hope you will find each of them good.


Finally, please give a message to everyone who will see your exhibition.


It is a content that once questioned and reconstructed the commonplace that you have constructed, such as life and time.


I can’t explain it in words at all, but I hope that the norm will cease to be the norm.




Thank you, Professor. Koga!


The solo exhibition is8month2(Sun.)The event will be held until

Please take this opportunity to view the exhibition.

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“The Koga Show”
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Writers:Mitsuru Koga
Artist Visits: Thursday, July 23 and Friday, July 24, 13:00 – 17:00 each day

Mitsuru Koga (b. 1987) uses pencil drawings to express space, air, time, distance, and other things that cannot be seen by humans. In this solo exhibition, as before, he continues to focus on the major theme of space and existence, but also questions the difference between living and inanimate objects as a means of resolving these issues. These works mainly deal with and consider two works under one theme. The exhibition makes us think about how the value of life and the concept of time by humans affect the living and inanimate things in the world.


Mitsuru Koga

Mitsuru Koga

I always have the same theme at the bottom of my heart. It is to express what people cannot see and cannot express, such as space, air, time, and distance. I always try to depict the colorless transparency that exists between the eye and the object, rather than using objects as a medium for unrealistic expression.