Fujii Makoto -Water, wind, light-

Event Outline

Daimaru Kobe Store, 7F Art Gallery
Makoto Fujii
Date of Artist Visits
August 20 (Sat.) & 21 (Sun.) 14:00-17:00 each day

Makoto Fujii creates works on the theme of “Japanese realism,” a new and nostalgic style of painting that is neither Japanese nor Western, by realistically depicting the Japanese sense of beauty with the Western technique of oil painting. He chooses “water” as a motif in order to depict the shaking of something with no definite form in oil paint, and continues to paint it, attracted by the fascination and figurative beauty of the way it changes every time it is painted. It has become an important part of the artist’s expression, which aims to create a feeling of formless objects that sway in the wind and change color with the light. These paintings are not of special places of interest or scenic spots, but rather of familiar landscapes close to the feet, and while they are not showy, they are “gently gentle” works that continue to depict familiar yet beautiful and important landscapes hidden in the midst of everyday life. The reflections of the water and the close angles of the paintings make us imagine what is not depicted, just like a haiku.