Yuji Musashihara Japanese Painting Exhibition

Event Outline

Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro, 6F #1, Art Gallery
Yuji Musashihara
Date of Artist Visits
Thursday, September 15 to 19th Monday, 13:00-17:00 each day

Yuji Takezabara skillfully depicts realistic and rich expressions of animals in his Japanese paintings. The animals, which he says he naturally chose as motifs because he likes them, are not only fascinating in their gestures, expressions, outfits, shapes and patterns, but also cute, cool and interesting, such as their fluffy fur, which makes us feel an urge to touch them unintentionally. In his spare time, Takezura stays overnight to interview animals in various parts of Japan, not only to get a superficial understanding of them, but also to understand them from their ecology, and to express their dynamism and life force. Please come and see his works, which are filled with his love for various animals, from small animals to big fierce animals, which he has met in various places in Japan and which attract his interest.